A newsletter about Muslims in America. We'll bring you quality links, resources and occasional commentary.

Creeping Sharia is a newsletter by, for and about Muslims in America. We’ll usually hit your inbox twice a month.

Here’s what each edition will contain:

  • A roundup of the best links, with an emphasis on original reporting and providing multiple perspectives on issues. We’re going to go beyond a list of the latest hate crimes to instead offer you some food for thought.

  • Attention to underrepresented Muslims: undocumented, disabled, mentally ill, incarcerated, women, black, Latin@, LGBTQ+, Shia, Ahmadi, Ismaili and more.

  • No judgment or fatwas on who is and isn’t Muslim.

  • Shoutouts to cool scholars, initiatives, resources, books and more you should know about and learn from.

  • Occasional guest editors and curators. Feel free to throw your hat in the ring.

Aysha Khan is a journalist in Boston, Massachusetts. She reports on American Muslims and millennial faith at Religion News Service, a non-sectarian, non-profit journalism outlet. This newsletter is not affiliated with RNS.